Top Questions To Ask When Shopping For Bulk First Aid Kits

There are any reasons as to why you may be in the market for bulk or wholesale first aid kits. Perhaps you're looking to sell individual first aid kits at a profit in your store, or maybe you're simply interested in buying in bulk for a large organization, such as a school or hospital. Regardless, there are some important questions you'll want to ask as you shop around for bulk first aid kits.

Do the Kits Meet OSHA Requirements?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates first aid kit production in the United States, and there are some pretty strict requirements when it comes to what should be included in a first aid kit, as well as the quality and shelf life of the materials found in a kit. Before buying in bulk (especially if shopping internationally), check to make sure that the kit in question meets all OSHA requirements.

What's the Minimum Order?

Depending on how many kits you need to buy, minimum order requirements could affect your ability to snag the lowest price. Generally, the price-per-kit will be lowest when you're buying in the largest quantity. This is especially true if you'll be customizing your kits in any way (such as by including a custom company logo on the front of each kit). Make sure you're aware of the manufacturer's minimum order requirements before you get too far into the process.

What Does Each Kit Contain?

If not readily available online, be sure to ask for an itemized list of what each kit contains so you can make sure it suits the needs of your organization. Kits can vary greatly in the variety of items included, as well as the quality and quantity of each item.

When Will the Kits Expire?

Many people don't realize that first aid kits actually have an expiration date, which is especially important if you plan on re-selling the kits individually. After all, you cannot legally sell a kit that is past its expiration date, so you'll want to make sure the date on your order will be far enough into the future to avoid waste or inability to sell.

These are just a few of the most important questions to ask when shopping for bulk or wholesale first aid kits. By taking the time to ask these questions, you can ultimately find the supplier that's right for your needs and budget.