A Look At The Integrated Features Of Internal Medicine EHR Software

Years ago, a medical treatment provider had to rely on their own knowledge, books, and the help of colleagues to properly treat and diagnose patients. However, the digital age has changed everything about how medical treatment works, and the information is now accessible at the push of a button. Most doctors now use some form of software to help their treatment processes go a little more smoothly, and internal medicine EHR software is the perfect example. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software gives you an interface that is customizable that you can use throughout your workflow processes as a treatment provider. Take a look at some of the integrated features of Internal Medicine EHR Software.

Prescription Analytics Tools

Track down specific information about prescription medications for different patients and different problems with the prescription analytics tool of internal medicine EHR software. This tool allows access to a constantly updated list of available medications that you can look up by symptom, condition, or ingredients. This is extremely helpful when you are treating a patient who may have certain issues with usual medications, but the tool makes your treatment process faster and more efficient overall because you are not left spending a lot of time searching for the right medication to prescribe. 

Anatomical Diagrams

The onboard anatomical diagrams that are integrated into the EHR software for an internal medicine practice are there specifically to help practitioners get a closer look at anatomy whenever they have a need to do so. Whether a doctor wants to get a close look at the inner workings of a kidney, the lungs, or the heart, they can do so right on their device. These anatomical diagrams can also be extremely helpful when trying to explain to a patient something that is going on inside of their body. 

Inter-Office Communication

Imagine being in a treatment room with your patient, needing further information from a specialist, and reaching out to that specialist right there from the device you are using that is running your EHR software. Many of these software programs allow inter-offer communications, which means treatment providers using the same software can interact with each other right from the interface. This will make it easy for you to get valuable insight right when you need it during patient treatment, connect with other medical providers to check for appointment availability, and share data, such as lab results or x-rays, seamlessly. 

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